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Suzuran is the leading Japanese grocer and purveyor of the finest sushi and sashimi take-away in Melbourne. Whether you are cooking up a Japanese feast or for everyday cooking, you will find a comprehensive range of Japanese ingredients as well as snacks, drinks, beers and sake.

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Sushi Takeaway

Suzuran’s sushi bar uses only the freshest fish and the highest quality ingredients available. Our highly dedicated chefs take great pride in preparing the best sushi and sashimi in Melbourne.

Big Platters

Perfect for families and friend gatherings

Sushi Set

Entertain yourself with our superior Nigiri and Maki

Vegetarian Dishes

A variety of Vegetarian Sushi is also available


Find our selection of traditional Japanese dishes

Wide Variety of Groceries​

Suzuran has undoubtedly the most extensive range of Japanese food products available in Victoria! Whether it be for everyday cooking, a quick snack, or for a special occasion, you can be sure to find it at Suzuran! Visit us in-store and our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.

Sake, Beer, Umeshu and a lot more

A Japanese liqueur made from fermented rice. In Japanese language it is called Nihonshu. Sake has many categories in terms of ingredients, polishing ratio of rice and/or manufacturing method. Please refer to detail for more information.

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Our online order page has been renewed. Please sign up the Suzuran reward program (Online membership) at your check-out page. Note that online point will be separated from instore points and redeemable on your online purchase. 

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